Great beer starts with a great recipe.  But how do you create a great brewing recipe?

In this great eBook "A Home Brewer's Guide to Creating a Beer Recipe - The Essential Guide to Creating a Recipe From Scratch" you will discover how easy it is to create your own brewing recipes - from scratch.  Forget about expensive brewing recipe calculators all you need is this book and your own creative imagination.  Take your home brewing to the next level with our free eBook.

In your free eBook you will learn...


The three simple steps that I use to design a recipe from scratch.  I will also show you the best and easiest way to calculate the amount of malt that you need using the LDK value.


How to use different speciality malts to create beers with different colours.  You will also learn how to calculate the colour of your beer.


The quick and most effective way of calculating hop bitterness.  Remember the only accurate way of assessing bitterness is through chemical analysis.  Don't get worried by long, fancy equations.

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