How do you Create A Beer Recipe – A Home brewer’s guide

Great home brewed beer starts with a great recipe.  The question is how do you create a beer recipe?

As home brewers we are constantly striving to brew the best beer that we can.  Whether that is from malt extract, partial or full grain mashing the idea of brewing a perfect beer is what drives us on!  But for me the first step in brewing a great beer is a great recipe

But, how do you create a beer recipe?  It is a question we often get asked especially if you are…

Using someone else’s recipe?

Now there are many great beer recipes out there.  Whether it is from home brew books or home brew websites you can find a plethora of interesting recipes just waiting to be be brewed.  However, the really exciting thing about brewing at home is experimenting with different malt types and hops to create interesting new beers.

This kind of experimentation also helps us to grow as home brewers.


Because we really start to understand the impact of the different raw ingredients that we use on the flavour of the beer that we brew.

But if you want to move away from using other people’s recipes to creating your own there is one big barrier.  That barrier is knowledge!  How do you create a beer recipe?  Well that is why we wrote this simple and concise guide to creating a beer recipe.  We wanted to give you the essentials to help you confidently create your own beer recipes.

What is in the how do you create a beer recipe guide?

In this guide you will learn how to:

  • Design your own beer recipes using 3 simple building blocks.
  • Calculate how much malt you require for a basic beer recipe.
  • Incorporate different malt types into your recipe to create more complex and flavoursome beers.
  • Work out the bitterness of your beer and the quantity of hops that you require to achieve that bitterness.
  • Calculate the colour of your beer and the contribution that different malt types will make to that colour.

So how do you create a beer recipe?  In essence this guide will tell you!  You will gain everything that you need to confidently create your own beer recipes from scratch!

The book is available as a PDF file download.

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