Quick Home Brewed Cider With Victor Drinks

Home brewed ciderI have to admit, although I am a beer brewer at heart, I love a good cider and this is especially true in the summer.  The sharp refreshing taste of a good cider, in my humble opinion, cannot be matched.  So this latest innovative new product caught our eye.  If you are looking to make home brewed cider then this new product could be just what you are looking for to make home brewed cider with none of the effort involved with more conventional cider kits.

There have been a few innovative products released into the home brew marketplace recently.  These new products aim to make it even easier to brew great tasting beer at home but without the effort and start-up costs.  For example we wrote about the Moonshine Drinks home brew system recently and think it is a great product for getting people interested in home brewed beer.

But this new product caught our eye recently as the manufacturer, Victor Drinks,  claim that you can produce 20 pints of great tasting home brewed cider in 10 days.  The system that they have produced is similar to the Moonshine Drinks system in that it is a self contained brewing system.  The manufacturer boasts that you just have to add water, sprinkle in the yeast sachet provided, seal and wait for 10 days.  After 10 days the tap allows you to pour the cider straight from the box meaning there is no hassle with bottling and no cleaning up of equipment.  It truly looks to be an effort free way of making 20 pints of home brewed cider in just 10 days.  Take a look at the video below as it certainly looks easy and the results look great.  You can order the product directly from Victor Drinks and it will set you back just £20 which, if it does produce 20 pints, works out at a £1 per pint which is great value for money.

We have yet to get ourselves one so cannot vouch for the quality but will certainly get hold of one brew it up and report back with the results.  So be sure to check back for our review.

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