Moonshine Drinks Home Brew System now on Sale

Moonshine Drinks home brew systemMoonshine Drinks home brew system is the latest home brew product to hit the shelves and we think it is a really great looking and innovative product which should encourage more people to try out home brew.

The Moonshine Drinks home brew system is a completely self contained home brew product which allows you to brew 25 pints of beer without having to purchase any other equipment.  There is no effort involved, no sterilising of equipment, no washing of bottles.  The system is based on liquid malt extract which is filled into a clever brew bag system.  The instructions say to just add water, sprinkle with moon dust and leave to brew for two weeks.  Once done the beer is ready to drink.  It is suggested that the beer will remain in tip top condition for up to a month.

The attractive thing about the system is that there is no need to purchase any other equipment, the kits is all you need to get started.  The bag is pre-filled with liquid malt extract and there is a clever pressure release cap that allows the beer to condition in the bag at just the right pressure to perfectly condition the beer.  We can see this product as the ideal gift for the beer lover as they can try out homebrew for themselves without having to invest a lot of time or money in buying all the equipment.

Moonshine Drinks, the company behind this new home brew system, plan to add more kits to the range and have ambitious plans to dominate the home brewing world.

If you are interested in finding out more about this great new home brew system then more details can be found on the Moonshine Drinks website.  Currently the Moonshine Drinks home brew system is on sale in Lakeland and retails for £27.99.

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