Concentrated Beer – Just add water!

Pat's concentrated beerIt is not novel and, in my honest opinion, is not a good idea but there you go that counts for nothing when it comes to innovation.  So we have Pat’s Back Country Beverages to thank for the first concentrated beer.

What is concentrated beer?

Beer is predominantly water, in fact up to 95% of beer is water which is great when you are thirsty.  However, when you are having to transport it around the country shipping something that is mainly water is expensive.  Thus for years brewers have been toying with the idea of a concentrated beer that could be diluted down at the point of sale making it a hell of a lot cheaper to transport.  High gravity brewing allows you to do this as you can brew a beer at 8% alcohol by volume and then dilute it down to 4% with carbonated water at the point of sale.  Brewers do use high gravity brewing but thankfully not for this reason and so the idea of a concentrated beer has never been developed beyond a concept.  Until now that is.

Thanks to Pat’s Back Country Beverages there is now a concentrated beer ready to dilute and serve should you choose to do so.  They claim that they use a unique, patent applied for brewing process which produces a concentrated beer that has all the flavour of a craft brewed beer.  The process is designed to brew a concentrated beer rather than removing water from a beer after it has been brewed.  All you have to do is add carbonated water to the concentrated beer to be able to enjoy a craft brewed flavoursome beer.  Think soda stream for beer.

The patented process they use is known as nested fermentation which allows them to brew a very high alcohol beer resulting in a concentrated beer ready for dilution.

Having not tasted the beer we can’t comment but it does sound a little bit style over substance but we are willing to be proved wrong.  If you want to find out more visit Pat’s Back Country Beverages.

For the time being I think I will stick to my home brew!

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